Commander In control, in command, with confidence

Commander is the global, multi-asset electronic trading platform from Commerzbank. The platform combines advanced trading technology with round-the-clock support from our experts – delivering a total trading partnership.


A global trading platform that puts you in control

Commander includes a range of features that allow you to trade what you need, how you want to. Trade via user-definable GUIs or our own API.

Consolidate trades with single-click trading for FX spot, outrights forwards, swaps and NDF's, in all order modes, including FastFill. With real-time FX and commodities charting, integrated research and market analysis within charts, trading with Commander is simple and efficient.

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Structure, price and trade FX eOptions on
Commander Kristall
Access the world of FX structured products
Commerzbank's eOptions tool, accessed via Commander Kristall, allows clients to price and deal one option of a whole structure on a single screen.

Based on GUI design, clients can access options analytics, volatility surfaces, rates and portfolio risk evaluation plus full FX research. With screen-sharing and live chat, clients can get advice on any option transaction, at any time.

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Commander Kristall is the first white-label FX structuring service of its kind. Offering end-to-end product structuring from simple swaps to bespoke pay-off structures, Commander Kristall allows clients to expand their structuring capabilities.

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