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Foreign Exchange
  Spot FX including FX Orders
Add SMS notification support for Order events.

Fast Fill: Utilise live single-click trading for FX spot, outrights, forwards, swaps, NDFs and commodities – in all of the order modes you want, including FastFill.

Watch our video demo on FastFill.

Traditional Orders: Take-Profit, Stop-Loss, One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO), Call-Order.

Watch our video demo on trading FX Orders on Commander.

Forward Point Precision – Short Dates: Enhanced precision to 3dps for short-dated forward points.

Forwards and Swaps is now available on RFS basis.

  Emerging Markets
Commerzbank's Emerging Markets offering relies heavily on finding the right solution for the client, as well as providing liquidity where it's required. With a geographically diverse offering, Commander can support your EM needs globally.

Trade NDFs to hedge risk and take investment positions across a range of currencies swiftly and easily on Commander.

Fixing reference and fixing dates are now available.

For more information click here.

  FX eOptions
Structure, price and trade options through our collaborative FX eOptions dealing platform – powered by our FX structuring service Kristall, access the platform through Commander.

Find out more about FX eOptions.

  Restyled swap trading grid
  • Fast configuration of tenor points, including Broken Dates

  • Richer data: value date, spread, and all-in rate

  • Floating windows for Single Currency Pairs.

  Dodd Frank – External Business
    Conduct Standards
Streaming of a pre-trade mid-market mark for relevant FX products is now available.

  Precious Metals
Cross-currency trading in silver and gold EUR and USD.

Find out more about Precious Metals trading on Commander.

  Commander FIX
Supporting over 500 currency pairs, including inverses across 50 currencies, clients can trade Spot, Forwards and Swaps via Commander FIX.

  Multi-bank ECNs
Commerzbank is connected to all major trading venues, including:
  • 360T
  • FX All
  • Bloomberg using CBET <GO>

Contact us for more information.

FXSpotStream functions as a market utility, providing the infrastructure that facilitates the multibank GUI and API to route trades from clients to liquidity providers.

The Service, launched in December 2011, eliminates the costs of execution and offers banks and clients the ability to communicate bilaterally and in a fully transparent manner.
Found out more about FX SpotStream.

Commander offers post-trade feeds for integration with back-office systems through the following options:

  • FIX Drop Copy: Industry standard FIX protocol for real-time trade feeds via FIX Drop Copy.

  • MarkitServ Trade STP: Certified adaptor to Commander for integration of trades to client systems.

  • Traiana Harmony and Netlink: Harmony and/or NetLink feeds of client trades available.

  • Thomson Reuters Trade Notification (TRTN): Feed of client trades available.

Structured Products
  Commander Kristall
Commerzbank's unique collaborative platform allows clients to expand their own structuring capabilities.

  • eOptions: Structure, price and trade options through our collaborative FX eOptions dealing platform – live prices or RFQ online.

    Find out more about FX eOptions.

  • eSP (eStructured Products): The complete eTrading service to create FX hedging structured products for your client, including Target Forward, Callable Forward, Pivot Target Forward, and more derivatives products.

    Find out more about eSP.

  • eInvest: Generate a matrix of Dual Currency Structures and select the desired Risk/Reward products – live prices or RFQ online.

    Find out more about eInvest.

  Commander Kristall WLS
Expand your FX Structuring capabilities through a White Label Commander Kristall services.

Find out more about Commander Kristall WLS.

Access options analytics, volatility surfaces, rates and portfolio risk evaluation – plus full FX research via Commander. For more information visit CBKR <GO> on Bloomberg.
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